Tubli-Seal Xpress EWT

Tubli-Seal Xpress EWT

Tubli-Seal Xpress EWTThe sealer you love in the delivery system you've been waiting for. Tubli-Seal EWT now boasts a new delivery method to help simplify setup, delivery and cleanup. Tubli-Seal EWT Xpress is now available in automix syringes. These syringes offer easy mixing at your fingertips in a perfect 1:1 ratio without worry and without manual mixing. This innovative delivery adds efficiency, convenience and simplicity to a line of sealers that is already steadfast and dependable.



ZOE-based formula Low leakage and low dimensional change
Automix tips No manual mixing required
1:1 syringe ratio Accurate mixing with every application
Barium sulfate Provides radiopacity while eliminating staining the tooth
EWT formula Allows more work time on mixing pad (Extended Work Time) and in the mouth

Part Numbers

Number Description
TubliSeal EWT Xpress 2 syringes (10.8 g ea)

Tubli-Seal EWTTubli-Seal EWT

Tubli-Seal EWT offers all of the benefits of Tubli-Seal with the added benefit of a longer working time.

Part Numbers

Number Description
25903 Tubli-Seal EWT
TF adaptive demo


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