Peerless Post


Retention, strength and flexibility are the essential characteristics of a reliable fiber endodontic post. PeerlessPost has all that and more. It is esthetic, radiopaque and totally customizable. Its coronal and apical segments adjust easily and accurately, and its unique keystone segment prevents rotation and dislodgement. Built-in undercuts increase surface area and improve retention. Offered in .04 and .06 tapers, PeerlessPost fits directly into tapered root canals without additional preparation. Additionally, the fiber material is easier to eradicate in the event an endodontic post removal procedure is necessary.



Coronal and apical 1mm adjustable sections
Customizable for every canal shape and length
.04 and .06 tapered Fits directly into K3 preparation
Continuous, pre-stressed, high-quality fibers High tensile and flexural strength
Low-elastic modulus Absorbs and dissipates stress to prevent root fracture
Retentive surface Prevents rotation and dislodgement
Bonded, not cemented Sealed and insoluble
Three sections per post Easy to adapt, minimal dentin removal
Tooth colored Esthetic, no unsightly metal
Radiopaque Easily identified, improved diagnosis
Easily removable Saves time and is less traumatic to remaining tooth structure

Four Posts = Sixty-Four Options

Four Posts = Sixty-Four Options

Each endodontic post has three 1 mm apical segments and four 1 mm coronal keystone segments that can be trimmed to custom fit each tooth for maximum contact and dentin conservation.* With four PeerlessPost sizes available each providing 16 options you can choose among 64 different configuration possibilities.

Part Numbers

Number Description
977-1040 PeerlessPost Kit
977-1041 Universal Drill
977-1042 Drill #1 .7 mm .06 taper (2 pk)
977-1043 Drill #2 .8 mm .06 taper (2 pk)
977-1044 Drill #3 .9 mm .04 taper (2 pk)
977-1045 Drill #4 1.0 mm .04 taper (2 pk)
977-1051 Post #1 .7 mm .06 taper (10 pk)
977-1052 Post #2 .8 mm .06 taper (10 pk)
977-1053 Post #3 .9 mm .04 taper (10 pk)
977-1054 Post #4 1.0 mm .04 taper (10 pk)
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