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See How the TF Adaptive System Puts You In Control!

Endodontic Supplies and Equipment

Twisted Files

TF Endodontic Niti Files

One of the most advanced endodontic NiTi files on the market, our patented Twisted Files (TF) combine three proprietary processes to deliver unsurpassed strength and flexibility. Using our R-Phase heat treatment technology, TF optimizes the strength and flexibility of NiTi, creating a highly durable and flexible file. Read More

K3™XF Nickel Titanium Files

K3XF Endodontic Niti Files

K3XF provides clinicians with the safety and self-centering features of the original K3 plus an extraordinary new level of flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue provided by our proprietary R-Phase™ Technology. K3XF is the ultimate in safety, flexibility and control for rotary file users looking for a stronger and more flexible NiTi file. Read More 

ProPack™ GP - Single Patient Kits

ProPack GP Endodontic Procedure Kit Gutta Percha Obturation

ProPack GP Single Patient Kits contain virtually all of the endodontic materials required for a root canal – including pre-sponged hand files, TF NiTi files, lubricant, paper points and gutta percha – and all with color coded, step-by-step instructions.
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EndoVac Endodontic Irrigation System

SybronEndo is proud to offer the latest technology in endodontic irrigation equipment- the EndoVac system. This true apical negative pressure irrigation system presents a unique new way to irrigate during root canal treatments. Unlike positive pressure systems which use cannulas or side-port needles, the EndoVac draws fluid apically by way of evacuation. Irrigation solutions are sucked away from the apical foramen, virtually eliminating the risk of an irrigation accident during root canals. Read More

Logic OS Custom Organizers

Custom cabinet and drawer organizers come labeled with your Axis|SybronEndo and dealer product codes. One of the most useful endodontic supplies, the organizer comes with product images and color coded tabs make identifying the correct product easier. Read More

Logic OS Custom Wall Charts

Custom wall charts feature the image and optional reorder codes of the Axis|SybronEndo products in your office. You can now instantly order endodontic materials and supplies using your smart phone or tablet. Wall charts are available in horizontal and vertical layouts in two different sizes. Read More