SybronEndo handpieces have long been clinician favorites and are compatible with all manufacturer's e-type couplings and are ideal for TF, K3XF, K3 and Quantec.

Axxess Spring-Head Handpiece

Axxess Spring-Head HandpieceThe Axxess handpieces provide additional clearance (when used with Axxess files such as K3) to ease work in tight posterior regions. The Axxess handpiece will accept standard rotary files as well. The 8:1 and 18:1 handpieces are perfect for rotary NiTi use.

Part Numbers

Number Description
815-9016 18:1 Axxess Spring-Head Handpiece
815-9019 Axxess Latch-Head Handpiece
815-9008 Axxess Push-Button-Head Handpiece
815-9154 Endodontic Contra Angle Latch 8:1
815-9155 Endodontic Contra Angle Pushbutton 8:1
TF adaptive demo

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Axxess Latchhead
Axxess push button head
axxess spring head
mini head