K3 Nickel-Titanium Files

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is K3 different from current NiTi rotary files?
A: It has a unique three cutting edge design which provides an active file as opposed to the old 'passive' files. Active files are the 3rd generation endodontic files which have greater cutting power and better debris removal.

Q: How do I know which file is which?
A: K3 has two colour bands to identify the file, one of which denotes size of file, fluoresecent orange is 0.06 taper and fluorescent green is 0.04 taper. The second band identifies the size of file in line with current file colour schemes.

Q: Which is the best technique to use for this file?
A: Visit the technique section of the website to see the use of the file.

Q: Do you recommend a handpiece for these files?
A: That depends on whether you are using an air or electric motor. The ideal speed of the files should be about 300 rpm. If you need more information contact us with your current motor details and we will respond with a personal recommendation. If you need to buy a new handpiece and you are a K3 community member let us get a price for you direct from the manufacturer.

Q: I'm just starting Endo treatment. Do you have a full kit containing everything I need?
A: We have a kit (K3EndoKit) with motor, handpiece, files, measuring device, and Gutta Percha. Information is available on the order info section of the website.

Q: What's included on the training CD?
A: This has technical information on using the K3 files as demonstrated by Dr Chris Stock from the UK. The information is in 5 languages and will run on most PCs and Apple computers. You can request the information on the contact us page.

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