Quantec System

Crown Down Technique

QuantecWhile Quantec files are available in a wide enough array of tips and tapers to be used in any technique, many clinicians prefer the following sequence.

Open the Orifice

This will open the orifice and allow irrigants to permeate the canal.

  • Begin shaping with a Quantec #25 tip/.06 taper/17 mm length orifice shaper file to a depth just short of the apical third.

Establish a Glide Path

This will clear a path for the files used in the shaping sequence.

  • Irrigate with EDTA.
  • Take an ISO standard .02 taper #10 and then #15 hand file to working length.
  • Irrigate with sodium hypochlorite. At this point your glide path should be easily established with minimum resistance. If working length is not easily achieved, begin the shaping process.


You are now ready to begin the Quantec four-file sequence. Quantec files maintain a tip size of .25 mm throughout the shaping sequence. These steps should result in a canal that is smoothly tapered from apex to orifice, creating a shape that can be easily obturated.

The Quantec four-file sequence begins with a .12 taper file, which is followed by tapers of .10, .08 and finally .06. These files are positioned in their sequence such that each instrument strategically removes dentin along only a portion of the file. The larger tapers work toward the orifice, allowing the smaller tapers to more easily work toward the apex. These files are passively carried in succession down the canal, repeating the sequence until the .06 file reaches working length.

Apical Preparation (optional)

  • Gauge foramen or working length diameter by establishing the first standard .02 taper hand file that binds at the length required.
  • If a larger apical resistance form is required, complete preparation using Quantec standard .02 taper #40 or #45 rotary instruments.

Accessory Files

Often clinicians prefer to finish in a taper other than .06. SybronEndo carries accessory files that facilitate this while still using the crown-down sequence. They are as follows: .05/ .04/ .03/ .02/ .02/ .15 tip. If more information on shaping is required, request our instructional video produced by Dr. L. Ronald Martin and Kato Video Productions.

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